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Strife is the rock on which the party split.


They rushed the woman to the hospital after she ate a lightbulb.

Don't you have other work to do right now?

That's not OK.

I wish you could stay the night.

The label on the cover doesn't match the contents.

She gave him all of her money.

I'm not a genius.

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Sugar cane is an edible grass which makes it a vegetable.

I went to school in Boston.

It's a difficult job.

It'll cost you.

I forbid smoking in my room.

Taurus just sat there staring out into space.

Srivatsan is psyched.


I'd love to stay, but I have somewhere else I need to be.

All I ask in return is to be left in peace.

I found an alcove with a statue of a Hindu deity.

The door opened and a man walked in.

Old people have two great advantages: they no longer have a toothache, and they don't hear all the nonsense that is said around them.

"Who brought you?" "My sister did."

Has anyone found her yet?

They set aside her objections.

We were very busy.

Where's the toothpaste?

I understand you are going to spend your vacation in New Zealand.

What kind of fool do you think I am?

Have you told her how you feel?

Dan took Linda to his room.

He had the fortune to marry a nice girl.

I introduced her to you last week.

That which is not today, will be tomorrow.


Cary was very distressed.

Jack doesn't like this kind of movie.

Could you help me find my keys?

I was arrested for aiding in his escape.

Granville isn't as young as you think he is.

Scallops are on sale today.

Which is the most populated continent in the world?

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Health is not valued until sickness comes.

Rebecca isn't in the mood anymore.

How dare you turn my father's house into a market!

That's the way it is sometimes.

We're all frightened.

I have a favor to ask.

Tanaka took a pair of scissors out of the drawer.

I choose to be happy.

You are the one who solved the problem.

He tried, and he got it.

I saw Edgar on the stairs.


Harv told me to think for myself.


Beverly is proud of his family.

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Root wanted to know what was happening.

We saw a little light in the distance.

Don't you pay attention?

Boston is a wonderful place.

Hard work pays off.

I wake up at six, but I don't get out of bed until seven.

It's very dead around here in the summer.

I assume you'll not come to work tomorrow.

Barton doesn't drive fast.


Shall we walk to the station?


Just name a time and I'll be there.

These shoes are made in Italy.

She has been praised everywhere.

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Who teaches you?

He's a very sweet guy.

Stevan's still taking his medication, isn't he?

Hiroyuki is possessive, isn't he?

Dan's guilt could not be proved without the murder weapon.

You'll recognize her.

You're a threat to our mission.

How soon does the bus leave?

She took something out of the bag.


A politician always forgets.

One is not born a woman, one becomes one.

The forest path had been utterly covered by snow.

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I have my own stereo set.


I tend not to get sick.

It is not characteristic of you to say such a thing to her.

It is necessary to go through customs at your arrival.

We talked about yesterday's test.

Words once uttered cannot be recalled.


Are the Chinese GDP figures a case of the boy crying wolf?

Aliens prevented a major war on Earth by hidden manipulation.

The witness stated his name.

This clock is accurate.

She has located Urs.

People devised shelters in order to protect themselves.

Tell them to hurry up.


We've only been dating for a month.

I'm tired of work, I want to have lunch.

I ran away in a hurry.

All the students forgot to read that book.

That's very unlikely.

She has been dyeing her hair black for years.

The worm turns.

There was some fifties music playing on the radio.

Long reign our king.

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Try this on. It should fit you.


Can we recycle this?

I've lost or broken all my necklaces.

Are you settling in?

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She is said to be very mean.

I think I love Hunter.

Will we be safe here?

Many Americans blamed Spain.

You may want to reconsider.

I recognized Jonathan as soon as he walked into the room.

Have you seen Roberta's latest invention?

Since there was no taxi, I had to walk home.

He had a little operation on his left leg.

How are you and Markus getting on?

Johan is a dear friend of mine.

Would you like to have some coffee?

They allotted to each player the benefits due him.

I cannot bear such an insult.

That knife wasn't sharp and I couldn't cut the meat with it, so I resorted to using my pocket knife.

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You're the only person I know besides me who is actually interested in this kind of thing.

I lost my job and I have no money. I'm at my wit's end.

Penny went out dancing.

Nikolai is perfect for you.

She chopped off the chicken's head.


Please, open your mouth!


Ilya has to approve this.

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I cannot kill a mouse, let alone a little bird.

Why were you frightened?

We live here.

Do you think I should cook for Steve?

You like to hurt to the people.

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What time is your plane?

I'm not even supposed to be here.

What's the purpose of your trip?

I'm trying to tell you what to do next.

It's the first time I eat camel meat.

She said she would be twenty years old the following year.

They all laughed.

It must be simple.

That museum has a superb collection of Celtic era cultural artifacts.

It is ten years since he came to Japan.

Don't forget to write the date.

Men, too, have discovered that there are various roles they can play.

He refrained from drinking too much.

Lisa Lillien is married to Dan Schneider.

The odds are slim to none that the true conspirators will be found.

He is from our village.

Do you have a favorite singer?

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"You don't really love me at all. You only care about your math stuff!" "Not at all, I do love you!" "Prove it!" "Okay. Let A be the set of the objects I love..."

You are covered with a $300 deductible.

Diogo Morgado has been called "Hot Jesus".

Rarely do I listen to the radio.

I didn't know he was dead.

My opinion is the same as theirs.

Ilya will love it.


The company was founded in 1974.

I'd like it if you would clean this room before I get back.

I really like telling jokes.


I saw a fly on the ceiling.

My wife used to be a pro-wrestler, so if she ever catches me two-timing her, I'd be beaten to a pulp.

You don't know how to do it, do you?

He has been dead for ten years.

Let me kiss you.


The train stopped for a moment.


The secret came to light at last.

I hope I can count on your discretion.

Can you speak Chinese well?

A load of 100 kilograms is the max.

Dennis noticed a couple of changes.


After walking for an hour, we stopped to take a rest.